Kitikmeot Corporation (KC) is owned by the Kitikmeot Inuit Association (KIA) – our sole shareholder – and we are one of the three Regional Development Corporations within Nunavut.

KC serves as the ‘business arm’ of the KIA and is entrusted to pursue opportunities that build an economic base in the Kitikmeot region. Our primary focus is successful business development that collectively benefits our shareholder and the Inuit of the Kitikmeot region. We are the proud owners and joint venture partners for over 20 companies that participate in a wide range of key sectors within Canada’s northern economy.

Not only are we 100% Inuit-owned, but more importantly, we contribute to the KIA through an annual dividend that can subsequently be used by KIA for important social, cultural and training programs. Through the creation and management of new business enterprises, we increase opportunities for beneficiaries of the Nunavut Land Claim to participate and play a key role in the current and future development of our region.