Nuna Logistics Limited

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Nuna Logistics Limited

Nuna Logistics Limited is a 51% Inuit owned company.  The Inuit ownership previously comprised Kitikmeot Corporation and Nunasi Corporation. In July 2016, Kitikmeot Corporation acquired 100% of Nunasi Corporation’s shares in Nuna Logistics Limited – making Nuna 51% owned by Kitikmeot Corporation.

Since 1993, Nuna has been providing heavy civil and mining contractor services across Canada with a proven track record of safely completing projects for large international clients under budget and ahead of schedule.  Nuna is the largest Aboriginal civil contractor in Canada and over the years has developed several successful joint ventures with Inuit, First Nation and Métis businesses across Canada. Nuna creates effective partnerships that not only provide direct employment solutions, but create opportunities for our local partnerships to competitively bid on larger scopes of work in their impacted area. Additionally, our partnerships are a tremendous asset to our clients in terms of Aboriginal engagement solutions.

Nuna’s experienced professionals and construction group are highly knowledgeable and skilled to deal with the array of challenges working on remote construction and mine development projects that lack supporting infrastructure. Our experience enabled us to develop a strategic execution team who are instrumental in the detailed planning required for successful project execution. With our management strength and supporting systems, our capacity allows us to plan and execute concurrent projects in excess of $150M per project and specialize in the civil earthworks component of industrial site development – including tailings and water containment, site access roads, pads and contract mining.

Nuna’s client base comprises several resource companies whose projects span from smaller public and private civil projects to large multi-national full scale standalone major projects.

In addition to Nuna’s construction services, Nuna offers training and innovative products. Nuna Training Technologies (NTT), focuses on classroom, simulator and field based training activities. NTT is an accredited training facility and our simulators are popular among our clients for providing custom training programs at their location. Nuna Innovations Inc. provides creative construction related products and solutions that are practical and cost effective.

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