Kitikmeot Corporation
Kitikmeot Corporation's role in real estate development arises from our objective of developing the core infrastructure we need to efficiently operate as a successful Inuit Development Corporation (for example, office space and staff housing), as well as a need to remain profitable on a sustainable basis. We feel that real estate development offers an ongoing opportunity for a good return on long-term capital invested in this sector.
Real estate development also allows us to make a solid contribution to the infrastructure of our community which, indirectly, allows our Corporation to function in a more conducive business and social environment. We try to make this same sort of commitment to all of the communities in our Region, as appropriate.
In some cases, our role in real estate development has arisen from opportunities generated by the establishment and growth of the Government of Nunavut. For example, we have recently completed construction of the "Kitikmeot Regional Health Facility" for the Government of Nunavut (GN).
This type of development can also generate a number of training and employment opportunities for the Inuit of our Region, not only during construction, but also in the operation and maintenance of these structures.
Our Real Estate Holdings & Projects