Kitikmeot Corporation

As the designated business development arm of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association, Kitikmeot Corporation is committed to developing a viable and stable financial base for creating new businesses, as well as training and employment opportunities, for Kitikmeot beneficiaries of the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement.

Not only are we 100% Inuit-owned, but more importantly, we are working on behalf of the Kitikmeot Inuit to ensure a prosperous future. Through the creation and management of new business enterprises, we increase the opportunities for regional Inuit to participate, and play a key role in the current and future development of the Region.

How We Aim to Achieve This
Achieving the above objective requires a multi-faceted approach. Placing investments 'strategically' is only one aspect of our approach. Providing leadership in developing business capacity, and developing strong business relationships are other elements that are required to achieve a balanced approach to economic (and social) development.
We do this by:
  Placing investments that ensure Kitikmeot Inuit have every opportunity to become significant stakeholders in shaping the business climate in the Kitikmeot Region;
  Investing in, and/or developing business enterprises that will create opportunities for Inuit throughout the Region;
  Providing guidance to the Kitikmeot Inuit Association in the formulation and implementation of economic development policies and programs that may affect Kitikmeot Inuit participation in the economy;
  Providing the necessary leadership in developing the capacity, both in terms of finance and skills required, to ensure that future generations of Kitikmeot Inuit will benefit from business opportunities in all sectors;
  Developing and/or strengthening relationships with other Inuit-owned corporations and economic development agencies; and
  Developing and/or strengthening relationships with other businesses and corporations that would result in bringing needed technical skills and management capabilities to Kitikmeot Inuit.
Our Investment Policies
We manage our funds with care, choosing conservative investments that provide maximum returns. These returns represent more than just a financial return on capital, typically providing various training and employment opportunities for Kitikmeot Inuit. Transfer of expertise, and management training are also benefits which may accrue from our investments.
By selectively positioning our investments, Kitikmeot Corporation ensures that we take full advantage of economic opportunities arising in the region.
For example, mining currently offers one of the best opportunities for Kitikmeot Inuit to create economic wealth. By investing in opportunities which arise from mining and exploration, Kitikmeot Corporation is able to ensure that economic impacts do not "flow south", redirecting benefits to the Inuit, and Inuit-owned businesses in the Kitikmeot Region.
Kitikmeot Corporation, primarily through its strategic partnerships and joint venture companies, participates in a number of industries including the provision of various services to the mining and exploration community (underground mining development, camp catering, explosives, manpower services, and diamond valuation), technology, travel services, property and casualty insurance, and a number of others. A list of our joint venture companies is provided on this website. But We're Not All Business! Kitikmeot Corporation takes great pride in contributing to the social development of both Cambridge Bay, in which it's head office is located, as well as to each of the communities in the Region that it represents.
We also believe that is the strategic business entities that we develop that we will have the greatest impact on the social development of our Region. More specifically, it is the training and employment opportunities that are generated by our joint ventures, for Kitikmeot Inuit, that will have the greatest long-term impact on Inuit social and economic development in our Region.
Sustainable Development that Respects the Environment
Preserving the environment of the Kitikmeot Region is important to us, and is a key principle that guides the positioning and management of our various joint ventures. We recognize that sustainable development is only possible when the natural beauty of our pristine Arctic environment is protected. At the same time, we seek to balance our approach against the need for a strong economy in the Kitikmeot, and in Nunavut in general. More specifically, in addition to respecting our environment, we want to ensure that our youth have training and employment opportunities to look forward to, and a strong and growing economy for the future.
For More Information
If you would like additional information on the types of investments that we make, please follow the links, provided on this website, to our joint venture companies. If you are a 'southern-based' corporation that is interested in expanding your market in the Kitikmeot Region, and/or Nunavut, keep us in mind. You won't find better people to work with. Contact numbers are provided on this website, and we would be happy to discuss your plans, and provide feedback on how we might be able to work together.